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Golden Visa

Our all-encompassing Golden Visa package opens the door to Europe’s most attractive citizenship-by-investment program.

Seamless Solutions for Getting Golden Visas in Portugal.

Europe’s most attractive citizenship-by-investment program, the Golden Visa Portugal offers non-European Union (EU) citizens, the opportunity to become Portuguese residents by making a qualifying investment into Portuguese real estate.

With our all-encompassing Golden Visa package, you’ll be holding a Portuguese residence permit in little time and with minimal fuss. Ultimately, paving the way to Portuguese permanent residency and citizenship. You can bring your immediate family too.

The Golden Visa Requirements

Investment Properties
You must make an investment before you can apply for the Golden Visa. There are a range of investment options that include capital transfer, job creation and purchasing of real estate.

To take advantage of the real estate option, qualifying investments include:

• €280,000 investment in a property in low population density areas.
• €350,000 investment in property over 30 years old or in urban renovation or regeneration zones.
• €500,000 investment in any type of real estate anywhere in Portugal.

Requirements In order to obtain the Golden Visa, you will also need to meet the following requirements:

• Funds come from outside of Portugal
• Must have valid passport and visa to legally enter Portugal
• No criminal record
• Minimum stay requirements - If you intend on applying for permanent residency or citizenship, you will need to keep your investment for a minimum of five years.

Eligibility Citizens from any country not in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland who conduct investment activity (as an individual or company set up in Portugal or the EU). Your spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents are also eligible under the family reunion provision.

The application process does involve gathering quite a lot of documentation. Documents not in Portuguese are also required to be translated and certified. While the documents needed may vary according to your type of investment, the usual documents required include:
• Valid passport;
• Contract or deed of the purchased property;
• Proof of international bank transfer;
• Proof of Health Insurance in Portugal;
• Police clearance letter from the country of origin;
• Certificate of Land Registry showing ownership of real estate;
• A declaration that you have complied with all investment requirements.
Documents are also subject to different validity times. For example, criminal record clearance letters must not be more than 90 days old. Our expert team will ensure that all your documents meet all requirements to effect a smooth transaction.

In addition to the cost of the investment property, there are associated costs with purchasing a property such as stamp duty, fees, and taxes. We recommend that investors budget for around 10% of the investment cost to go toward these extras.

Golden Visa application fees include:
• Initial processing fee €514.80 (plus €80.20 per family member)
• Initial Golden Visa permit €5,147.80 per person
• Renewal of Golden Visa permit €2,573.90 per person

The Portuguese Golden Visa Program

Travel freely in the Schengen Area - Permanent free entry and movement throughout the Schengen Area (26 countries).

Live, Work & Study - Work and study anywhere in the EU and start a business in Portugal.

Path to citizenship - After five years, you are able to apply for Portuguese permanent residency and after six years, Portuguese citizenship.

Low physical presence - You only need to spend seven days in the first year in Portugal and 14 days (consecutive or nonconsecutive) in the subsequent years.

Immediate family eligible - Your spouse, dependent children, and parents can also qualify for the program through the family reunion stream.

Security - You get the freedom and security of having another home in a safe country with a stable government and a healthy economy.

The Golden Visa Process

1. Decide on an investment - Browse our eligible properties online or contact our concierge to set up a tour with our helpful agents.

2. Make the investment - Our legal team will guide you through your entire sale process, fostering a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

3. Gather documents and complete the Golden Visa application - Our legal experts are on hand to look after the application process, ensuring all your documents meet requirements and are complete.

4. Book and attend an interview - You will need to attend an interview with a government department in Portugal. Our team will help you book and prepare for your interview.

5. Receive Golden Visa - Once approved, you will receive a one-year temporary visa that is renewable for two year periods.

6. Apply for permanent residency/citizenship - You will be eligible to apply for residency after five years and citizenship after six years.

An All-In-One Portugal Golden Visa Service

We have an entire team that can help you every step of the process - from finding you the perfect investment property, taking care of your Golden Visa application, all the way to managing your purchase. Our team of professionals can advise you on all your needs from real estate, investments, legal, bank accounts and more.

Interested or still have questions? Fill out the inquiry form below, and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.